Pascal & Annie Leniau


Pascal Leniau & Annie Jouenne met in Paris in the late 1970s. Both are passionate about the visual arts and the decorative arts, they studied in Paris with the master restorer of paintings Renato Vassalo, and the master framer Fredo Tommaso. In 1979, they created their workshop of restoration-conservation of paintings, gilding and polychrome objects, which will take the name of « Atelier RTCD – Paris » in 1985.


Since their beginnings, Pascal & Annie have created artistic frames for renowned painters. The observation and the work of restoration and conservation of paintings and objects of art has brought them artistic knowledge and historical. But also a technical know-how always focused to research and innovation. In the 2000s, they created together art contemporary mirrors.

Pierre Leniau

Passionate about art, internet and new technologies, Pierre Leniau is graduate in visual communication and web design.
He is responsible for the development and promotion of the online shop