SINCE 1979


All our wall mirrors are selected and restored by the art conservation workshop « Atelier RTCD – Paris », specialized in restoration and conservation of art objects since 1979.

Framing & Materials

Original gilding preserved or restored by « Atelier RTCD – Paris » the french art restoration workshop.

Re-gilding with gold leaf or imitation gold metal leaf, or imitation silver metal leaf.

Patinated colors creations by the art workshop.


Our wall mirrors have according to the cases, antique mercury glass mirror or antique silver glass mirror. If they are in good condition, we keep them. Otherwise, the workshop replaces it with a high quality modern glass mirror.


« Atelier RTCD – Paris » is a workshop of art restoration and conservation created in 1979 by Pascal and Annie Leniau, master craftsmans. Since 40 years, the workshop work for the prevention and preservation of the art objects and paintings.

Over time, the workshop specialized in the restoration of paintings from all periods, the gilding, polychrome woods, and various objects of art (Plaster sculptures, old posters, antique furnitures…)

In recent years, the workshop launched online sale of antique wall mirrors in perfect condition of conservation. Today, online sales have become the main activity.