1977 – 2020


Pascal Leniau & Annie Jouenne met in Paris in the late 1970s. Both are passionate about the visual arts and the decorative arts.

1977 / 1979 

From 1977, they studied in Paris in workshops of master art crafts.

• Training in the restoration and conservation of paintings. Workshop of the art master restorer Renato Vassalo in Paris.

• Training in framing techniques of works of art. Workshop of the art master Fredo Tommaso in Drouot, Paris.

1978 – Trade show

•  Workshop Restoration painting Renato Vassalo – Louvre des Antiquaires, Paris



In march 1979, Pascal & Annie created a workshop for the framing of original works and the restoration-conservation of paintings and antique frames. Thereafter, the workshop will specialize in the restoration of gilded wood, polychrome objects, and plasters. The first workshop is located in Juvisy-sur-Orge, a few minutes from Paris.

1980 / 1984 – Trade shows

• 1980 – Private exhibition, Juvisy-sur-Orge (near Paris).
• 1982 – Evry Agora, Evry (near Paris).
• 1982 – Art & Antiques show – Piscine Deligny, Paris.
• 1983 – Society of Encouragement Arts & Crafts, Orly (near Paris).


Art objects exhibits in antique trade show and restored by Pascal & Annie Leniau for Gallery Marigny, Miromesnil street, Paris :

• 1984 – 12th Biennale of Antique Dealers, Grand Palais – Paris.



In 1985, with a growing success, the workshop moved to Paris in the city of artists of the « 68 Quai de Seine ». The activities of the workshop are developing. Pascal & Annie inaugurated at the same address their Art gallery. They exhibit their first artistic creations. The restoration-conservation workshop takes the name of « Atelier RTCD – Paris ».

1985 – Exhibition

• Private exhibition – 68 Quai de Seine, Paris.

Exhibitors : Gilles Bouttaz, Pascal & Annie Leniau.



In november 1986, the Paris Chamber of Trades organized an international exhibition in Berlin. Pascal & Annie are selected to present their activities. The restoration-conservation of antique and modern paintings. But also restoration of antique frames, and framing creations according to an advanced technological process. Pascal & Annie received for their presentation the Diploma of Honor at the Art section of the exhibition in Berlin.

1986 – Trade shows

• Artistic Crafts, Berlin.
• Antiques show – Porte de Versailles, Paris.


In the mid-1980s, Pascal & Annie visit regularly the flea markets of Paris. Over the years, they buy antiques for their personal collection, and work in collaboration with antique dealers.



In 1988, Pascal & Annie participated in the 1st international trade show dedicated to the restoration and conservation of the heritage.

1988 – Trade show

• Master Art trade show, Paris.


In 1989, Pascal & Annie organized antique frames auctions, as independent experts in the auction house of Drouot – Paris.

1989 – Trade show

• Paris Chamber of Trades – CNIT, Paris – La Défense.

Presentation of a training in crafts, restoration of works of art.



In 1990, the workshop of the « 68 Quai de Seine – Paris » was destroyed in a fire. Pascal & Annie no longer have a workshop to work for a few months.

1990 – Auction Sale

• Antique frame auction, experts Pascal & Annie Leniau – Drouot Auction House, Paris.



In 1992, a new workshop was inaugurated in « Rue Lamarck » at the foot of the famous « Butte Montmartre » in Paris.

1995 – Exhibition

• Frame Sculptures exhibition – Gallery / Tea Room “En Attendant Pablo”, Paris.

1996 / 1997

In 1996 and 1997, the art restoration workshop of Pascal & Annie participated in the International Cultural Heritage Fairs in Paris.

1996 / 1997 – Trade shows

• 1996 – Salon Demeure Historique – Palais des Congrès, Paris.
• 1996 – International Heritage Fair – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
• 1997 – International Heritage Fair – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.



In 1997, Pascal and Annie moved in the district of the artists workshops Belleville / Menilmontant in Paris. They focus their activities on the restoration and conservation of art objects for collectors, cultural centers, and parisian art dealers.


Starting from 1998, many works of art restored by the workshop are exhibited in the most prestigious antique fairs. Pascal and Annie work in collaboration with the greatest Parisian art dealers. The workshop presents these realizations to the international fair of the heritage in the Carrousel du Louvre – Paris.

1998 / 2000 – Trade shows

• 1998 – International Heritage Fair – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
• 1998
 – Salon des métiers d’Art – Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris.


Art objects exhibits in antique trade shows and restored by Pascal & Annie Leniau :
• 1998 – 19th Biennale of International Antique Dealers – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
• 1998 – 1st Pavilion of Antique Dealers et Art Galleries – Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris.
• 1999 – Carré Rive Gauche, Paris.
• 1999 – 2nd Pavilion of Antique Dealers et Art Galleries – Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris.
• 2000 – 3rd Pavilion of Antique Dealers et Art Galleries – Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris.



In the early 2000s, Pascal & Annie created together mirror-sculptures. Original creations colorful with innovative materials.



In 2003, the workshop for restoration and conservation of art objects launches its first website « atelier-rtcd.com ».


In 2005, in search of larger spaces, to develop their artistic activities, Pascal & Annie decided to open a workshop in the countryside, in the town of Appoigny (Burgundy – France).



In 2006, Pascal Leniau obtained by the Paris Chamber of Trades the title of craftsman master and Annie Leniau the title of art craftsman.

2006 / 2007


At the end of 2006, Pascal & Annie launched their first e-commerce website in french language « miroir-ancien.com », dedicated to the sale of antique mirrors of collections.

2007 / 2008

In 2007 and 2008, the artist-designers Pascal & Annie exhibited in Paris and Brussels their creations of mirror-sculptures made in the early 2000s.

2007 / 2008 – Exhibitions

• 2007 –  Mirror Sculptures exhibition – Barclays Opera, Paris.
• 2008 – Mirror Sculptures exhibition – Gallery “Art For Reveur”, Bruxelles.

2012 / 2013


In 2012 and 2013, the art workshop of Pascal & Annie takes part in the artistic crafts days, designed to promote the heritage conservation professions.

2012 / 2013 – Exhibitions

• 2012 – The European Artistic Crafts Days – Appoigny, Burgundy – France.
• 2013 – The European Artistic Crafts Days – Appoigny, Burgundy – France.



In 2017, launch of website Mirrors-Paris.com. An online shop to present our mirrors to collectors around the world.



In 2018, Mirrors-Paris is reseller partner of 1stdibs.com. The famous American marketplace puts in contact the best antique dealers of the world with the collectors, designers and curators.